Encounters Encounters Approach

Informed by the latest language learning research and enriched by the creativity of language and media experts who participated in its development, Encounters represents a new generation of language programs. The program embodies a communicative, task-based approach, using authentic materials both in the textbook and the media that focuses students to learn by doing and not by rote memorization.

The guiding principle of Encounters is to launch students on a learning adventure by enabling and reinforcing what they can accomplish using Chinese (e.g. can-do's) and continually stretching their abilities through additional activities, vocabulary, and increasingly complex language use.

The dramatic series establishes a reference point for each unit, and provides ample opportunities to develop listening and speaking skills while introducing authentic Chinese culture. Relevant grammatical points and topics are then introduced and developed in context so students can accomplish their tasks and learning objectives.

The focus of each unit then shifts to reading and writing to develop students' full range of communication abilities. This communicative approach to language instruction is supported across integrated textbooks, workbooks, and other audio-visual and web media.