Chinese food is popular the world over, but knowledge of Chinese cooking is generally limited to those who were raised on it in China. Would you like the ability to cook one of the world’s greatest cuisines at home for you and your family? This recipe book will introduce you to the many methods behind easy-to-cook but delicious Chinese cooking styles, such as steaming, boiling, stir-frying and cold-mixing. It will help you on your way to becoming an ace Chinese chef. In addition, this book provides commonly used Chinese terms and sentences related to Chinese cuisine so that you can show off your Chinese language skill at the dinner table!
Do you love Chinese dishes that are rich in colour, aroma and flavour but fear gaining weight? Don’t worry because these nutritious and healthy Chinese vegetarian dishes will also satisfy your craving for table delicacies. In this book, the cooking methods of 39 tasty and healthy vegetable dishes are introduced and accompanied by detailed instructions and beautiful pictures, which will help you become a great chef in no time! Plus, we selected commonly used vocabulary and expressions associated with Chinese vegetarian food so you can learn some Chinese while enjoying the cuisine.
Calligraphy of Chinese Blessings, a companion book series to Designs of Chinese Blessings, is composed of five volumes: Good Fortune, High Salary, Longevity, Happiness and Wealth. There are 1760 examples of the five characters, 福, 禄, 寿, 喜, 财, collected in this series. In each volume, the characters are arranged in the order of regular script, running script, cursive script, official script, seal script and of the year when it first appeared. Each character is defined in both the Chinese and English languages and includes information on the year when it first appeared, its author and origin, as well as its style so as to make character reference and appreciation easier for foreign readers. Each volume in the series is bound by thread and packaged in a gift box, which showcases its elegance and profound cultural connotations. This series is an ideal gift for all those interested in Chinese language and culture.

Easy Recipes Easy Chinese

Price ¥48.00
This book presents you 69 easy recipes for well-known homemade Chinese dishes. Each recipe is accompanied with a cultural tip or some beginners’ Chinese to show you more of China. Out of the recipes, you can make a feast of Chinese food or simply add some Chinese flavor to your dinner table by following the preparations. The carefully selected tips invite you to savor the taste of Chinese culture. From the philosophy behind Chinese cooking, the symbolic meanings of certain dishes to table manners, your knowledge of China may start in your kitchen. Common expressions of food and dining make learning Chinese easy and fun!
Several hundred well-known jokes of different dynasties of China, accompanied with illustrations and English translations. Offer an amusing insight into the character of Chinese people.
Several hundred well-known jokes of different dynasties of China, accompanied with illustrations and English translations. Offer an amusing insight into the character of Chinese people.
This book is another creation from the design team of the China National Pavilion, Shanghai World Expo. Pictures, artistic representations and descriptions showcase the grandeur of the China Pavilion of the Shanghai Expo and explore the Chinese wisdom that lays within. The book guides the readers around the China Pavilion, and unveils the themes of the exhibition: urbanization in ancient and contemporary China, the heritage of traditional Chinese wisdom, and the way that that wisdom is manifested today. For those who are going to visit the China Pavilion, this book is a good companion. For those who are interested in Chinese culture and designers who want to know more about exotic and intriguing Chinese elements, this is also the book for you.

China on the Way

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With an introduction to the experience and thoughts of ordinary Chinese people, this book provides you with a colorful panorama of present Chinese society from various perspectives. Through the book, you can see a vigorous and fast-developing China.

The Way We Communicate 2

Price ¥22.00
Good material for understanding Chinese culture even without much Chinese language training. 16 typical social scenarios to attempt the keys to connecting and communicating with Chinese people. Each chapter is made up of three sections. The first section is scenarios one may encounter due to cultural differences. The second section is cultural tips. The third section provides some useful expressions. Many examples are used for various scenarios.
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