The awe-inspiring heroes represented by Lin Chong, Lu Zhishen and Song Jiang gather at Mount Liangshan. There they set up a banner at a towering height on which is written a slogan: "Enforce justice on behalf of Heaven". This is the motto guiding these heroes as they vanquish evildoers and help those in need. Their stories have become a legend known to people across China.
Monkey King, Pig and Sandy escort Master Xuanzang on an epic quest to obtain Buddhist scriptures. On their journey, they vanquish monsters and demons and punish the wicked to elevate the virtuous. After experiencing 81 tribulations, they eventually succeed in their mission in heroic fashion.
Tibetan King Songtsen Gampo wants to marry Princess Wencheng of the Tang, so he sends his clever envoy, who travels all the way from Tibet, to propose before the Tang emperor….
The horsehead fiddle is the most popular musical instrument among the Mongolian people, and there is a touching story about its origin. Su He, a poor young man, saves the life of a white horse. They become fast friends….
As a young man falls in love with a girl in a painting, the girl remarkably steps out of the painting and comes to life….
Long, long ago, people didn't know how to distinguish which plants were edible and which were not. Many suffered poisoning from eating the wrong food. Shennong, the chieftain of a tribe, decided to solve this problem….
Imperial Consort Yang, one of the four ancient beauties of China, is adept at dancing and wins the heart of Li Longji, the longest reigning emperor of the Tang Dynasty. But the emperor’s favoritism towards her ultimately leads to her tragic demise....This enduring love story has been adapted into poems, dramas, and novels and is still told to this day.
Goujian, King of the State of Yue, forces himself to live in a humble woodshed. Before every meal, he tastes bile. Why does he treat himself so poorly? It’s a long story….
Zhang Sheng, a poor scholar, chances to meet Cui Yingying, the daughter of the late Counselor-in-Chief. The two eventually fall in love. But in ancient China, parents had the final say in their children’s marriages. These two lovers of different social status have little chance of tying the knot. What trials do they face? And will their story end happily or in tragedy?
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