How to Teach Chinese as a Second Language is designed for teachers who have just begun to teach Chinese as a second language. The author of the book, Mr. Zhang Yajun, has rich experience in teaching Chinese and he served as the Secretary-General of the International Society for Chinese Language Teaching from 1987-1990. As a refined summary of the author’s experience and research, the book combines concrete and precise teaching methods and theory with many teaching cases in order to help teachers to make rapid progress in knowledge, abilities and skills, and help teachers to be popular with students.   The teaching skills introduced in this book include how to teach the pronunciation of Chinese phonemes, how to teach grammar, how to teach characters and phrases, and how to become a competent Chinese language teacher.


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This series includes 4 volumes, covering various aspects of the TCFL Capability Test. 3 parts are covered: Theory of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, Linguistics, and Practice.
This series includes 4 volumes, covering various aspects of the TCFL Capability Test. Key points of Modern Chinese and Ancient Chinese are included.
This series includes 4 volumes, covering various aspects of the TCFL Capability Test. Ancient Chinese Literature, Contemporary Chinese Literature, Chinese Culture and Contemporary Chinese Societies are included.
This book can help Chinese language teachers in their preparation for the International Chinese Teacher Certification exam, as it offers instructions on how to improve their teaching skills, in particular the ability to organize class activities as stipulated in the Standards for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages. The standards consist of TCSL basics and teaching methodology, ability to organize class activities, Chinese culture and cross-cultural communication, professional ethics and professional development.

Practising HSK Grammar

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Simple language, concise formulas and sample sentences are used to explain the questionable and difficult grammar points encountered by foreign students during their study. As for the different grammatical items, there are plenty of related exercises for the students to practice. Detailed answers and explanations to the exercises are given.
This book explains how to properly use the words that frequently puzzle foreign learners of Chinese. It contains 101 entries of the most commonly misused words, along with their analyses and comparisons. This book can serve as a course book for language practice, a self-teaching guide to complex words for beginners of Chinese, and a valuable reference for teachers of Chinese as a foreign language.
This series of exam prep books is written by experienced teachers in this field. Essential knowledge for the exam has been selected according to the syllabus for the examination of IPA Senior Chinese Teachers, making this series a valuable authority on the course and a reliable guide for the examinees. This series covers the subjects of Contemporary Chinese, The Theory of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language and Chinese Culture. Detailed essential knowledge, in depth analyses and highlighted key points distinguish this series from books of a similar kind.
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