Chinese 101 in Cartoons(For Emergencies)

This book includes 12 units and covers a variety of emergency situations such as losses, traffic accidents, falling ill, equipment breakdowns, calling the police, and many others. Altogether, 101 expressions commonly used in emergency situations are included, and particularly useful sentences are accompanied by additional examples to help beginners of Chinese master more expressions in a short time. Fun visual aids are employed throughout the book to familiarize readers with the context and make learning Chinese interesting and exciting. An accompanying MP3 disc in standard Mandarin teaches how to pronounce appropriate expressions in different situations, sparing readers from complex grammar and puzzling characters. Tips are provided in each unit introducing relevant cultural facts and handy tricks to acquaint readers with different aspects of Chinese culture.

Price ¥49.00

Learning Chinese While Traveling in China

This book offers a way to learn and practice Chinese language skills in various touring settings, such as introducing yourself at the first encounter, traveling by air, getting through Customs, looking for missing luggage, taking a taxi, booking a ticket, asking about a travel agent, lodging, dining, and changing money, etc. The third and fourth sections of this book present much useful travel information.

Price ¥36.00

250 Chinese Words to Get You Around Beijing

Includes seven chapters: eating and drinking, accommodation, transportation, entertainment, shopping, seeing the doctor and asking for help. 250 Chinese characters make up 168 dialogues in this book, making learning Chinese an easy process. Each dialogue is attached with Similar Expressions,Antonyms, Humor, Associations, Tips plus Pinyin and English annotation. Most of the dialogues are illustrated. Under the Association column are some relevant words and tips which help guide your visit. It is highly possible for you to live in Beijing or even travel around China after grasping less than 250 Chinese words.

Price ¥30.00

Popular Chinese Expressions

This book contains nearly 800 entries of the most popular and commonly used Chinese words and phrases of the 21st century, covering various fields such as politics, society, economy, science and technology, culture and entertainment, fashion, the Internet, work and study.

Price ¥39.80

Talk Chinese Series--Office Talk

Talk Chinese Series is the first series on practical colloquial Chinese, compiled and developed based on the theory of communicative functions. By imitating real life situations, it allows learners to experience the charm of the Chinese language and learn the most commonly used words, phrases, slang, customary usages, everyday expressions and sentences. As long as one masters the contents of this series, one can respond comfortably in most situations with the knowledge and oral expressions learned.

Price ¥29.90

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