A Practical Chinese Writing Course

A Practical Chinese Writing Course has been compiled and tailored for Chinese learners to meet their practical needs. The first chapter introduces the basic concepts and elements of practical writing in Chinese. Starting from the second chapter, students will learn through detailed step-by-step instructions how to write notes, notices, posters, announcement notices, application letters, welcoming speeches, farewell speeches, everyday letters, letters for special occasions, learning plans, learning summaries, internship reports, general speeches, news articles, and online pieces. These writing styles have been chosen to help students become familiar and comfortable with written Chinese by teaching them to master both the methods of multiple forms of practical writing, and the set forms and common sentence patterns used in these different styles .

Price ¥49.00

New Path Getting over Chinese Grammar

This book provides a distinct overview of the beauty and wisdom of Chinese language that helps readers integrate pieces of knowledge into their future learning. There are many practical examples and cases, covering the most popular applications and phenomena in daily language. Rudiment, simplicity, efficiency are the ultimate goal of this book.

Price ¥29.00

A Concise Chinese Grammar

This book is written for students who have studied Chinese for two or more years and attained an intermediate level in the Chinese language. Consisting of nine chapters, including functional analysis, comparison of words, syntactic structure and sentence types along with practice exercises, the book provides a basic outline of Chinese grammar. The book emphasizes important points and highlights discriminations.

Price ¥22.80

Practical Chinese Grammar for Foreigners

The book systematically introduces the basic rules of modern Chinese grammar. Its most distinctive feature is that, while analyzing common errors often made by non-native speakers, it exhaustively elaborates the grammatical manifestations seldom discussed in detail in domestic grammar books and yet not readily understandable to foreigners. Exercises and keys are provided to help readers quickly master the rules. It can be used as a comprehensive and systematical reference book for learning Chinese grammar.

Price ¥45.00

380 Most Commonly Used Chinese Verbs

A textbook and work of reference designed for learners with an intermediate level of Chinese that can also be used as supplementary or teach-yourself material. It deals with 380 most-commonly used verbs in everyday life. The verbs are arranged in alphabetical order and those with similar meanings are put together. The book is divided into 2 parts. The first part is about monosyllabic verb and the second part polysyllabic verb. Through examples and comparisons, the learners will greatly improve their ability to use Chinese language in various situations.

Price ¥38.00

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