Business Chinese Series--Reading and Communicating(6)

Reading and Communicating (6) is the fifth volume of the reading subseries of the Business Chinese Series and is tailored for advanced-level Chinese learners who have majored in economics or business or are engaged in commercial activities. This book can be used as a reading textbook for class, as auxiliary material for after-class reading, or material for self-reading.

Price ¥59.00

When in China: A guide to Chinese business culture

When in China: A Guide to Chinese Business Culture is a supplementary textbook designed for learners of Business Chinese. It was written by front-line practitioners who are engaged in the teaching of Business Chinese. With chapters arranged topically, the book combines language, business and culture in a way that helps learners not only practice Chinese, but also to acquire a deeper understanding of Chinese business and social culture.

Price ¥39.00

Business Chinese Series--A Practical Chinese Writing Course

These writing styles have been chosen to help students become familiar and comfortable with written Chinese by teaching them to master both the methods of multiple forms of practical writing, and the set forms and common sentence patterns used in these different styles .

Price ¥49.00

Business Chinese Series—Speak Business Chinese Fluently

The vocabulary, texts and exercises are all designed at a moderate difficulty level and each text requires about four class hours for teaching as well as exercising. This textbook provides readers with advanced spoken Chinese materials for commercial purposes that are real, vivid, and useful while introducing the business environments of Chinese companies and their “speech strategy”, so as to improve foreign speakers’ communicative skills with Chinese people.

Price ¥49.00

Business Chinese Series—Reading and Communicating IV

This book will help readers to improve not only their ability to understand business language and information, but also their competence in communicating (esp. in writing). This book can be used as a textbook for teaching institutions, self-learning material for students, or as a stepping-stone for students who are learning Chinese and wish to further their knowledge of economics or business in the Chinese language.

Price ¥49.00

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