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Everyday Chinese (Chinese-English edition)

Designed for beginners and those who wish to improve their communicative skills. It includes 10 topics, namely, Social Communication, Time and Weather, Location, Eating, Shopping, Transportation, Communication, Studying and Working, Leisure Activities, and Traveling. Each topic involves 2 parts as Dialogue and Substitution Drills. Readers can learn the commonly used daily conversations from the Dialogue and then take the extension exercises in Substitution Drills to have a mastery of the sentence structure.

Price ¥280.00

Standard Chinese Phonetics (Chinese-English edition)

With an integration of words, sounds, pictures, animations and music, the package provides an easy and fast way for Chinese beginners to master the Chinese phonetics.

Price ¥98.00

Easy & Fun Chinese for Kids (6 Volumes) Chinese-English edition

Textbooks for non-native speaking children to learn Chinese as a foreign language. Easy to Follow, Fun to Use! This set of textbooks is compiled especially for teaching of Chinese to children as a foreign language. There are 6 volumes in all, each consisting of 15 lessons. The topics chosen for every lesson are familiar and interesting to children. Volume I. is aimed at teaching children Chinese pronunciation. Volume II. III. and IV. deal mainly with basic sentence patterns which are simple and easily understood for children. The stories in volume V. and VI. introduce Chinese culture. Some interactive activities for students and teachers are designed in exercises after texts. Interactive features provided by CD-ROM and DVD video players will also greatly arouse children’s interest in learning Chinese.

Price ¥680.00

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