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Contemporary Chinese for Beginners (Character book) French edition

Contemporary Chinese for Beginners is a key project published by Sinolingua and fully endorsed and sponsored by Han-ban/Confucius Institute Headquarters. This series has been published in 43 language versions.The 43 language versions have all been modified and translated from the original Contemporary Chinese Series (Chinese-English edition), which is one of the best-selling textbooks of Chinese language for adult learners and is widely adopted by schools in many countries.

Price ¥89.00

Multimedia Cards of Chinese Characters(Chinese-French edition)

Each character is accompanied by pinyin, illustrations, two or more words, and one sentence (mostly in the fields of daily life, study, entertainment, work, travel, and business), covering a vocabulary of 3000.

Price ¥398.00

Interactive Chinese (Chinese-French edition)

The Interactive Chinese is the first integrated multi-media Chinese language teaching and learning software with words, sounds, pictures, animations and music in China. It includes 8 books: Textbook I.~III., Chinese Phonetics and Writing, HSK Mock Test and Vocabulary, Idioms and Proverbs, Tang Dynasty’s Poems and Song Dynasty’s Poems, and Two-part Allegorical Sayings and Allusions. With the package, the starters can learn step by step from the beginning of Pinyin till passing the HSK Elementary and Intermediate. They can also learn the traditional Chinese culture with the supplementary readers included. The package can be used for school teaching or for self-learning. About 60000 sets have been sold.

Price ¥780.00

Contemporary Chinese for Beginners (exercise book) French edition

This series of textbooks is designed for beginners whose native languages are English. Plots, situations, and topics in the textbooks are personalized, interesting, and lively. Moreover, the textbooks have been indigenized for English language to better fulfill the needs of local students. The accompanied audio MP3 covers the texts, new words and supplementary words in the textbook, and vocabulary, sentences and listening exercises in the exercise book.

Price ¥59.00

The Origins of Chinese Characters -Chinese-French edition

The book selects 631 components, radicals and basic characters which can form multiple derivatives and demonstrates their development from shell and bone form and bronze inscription, to seal characters, and clearly explains their origins through hundreds of illustrations.

Price ¥40.00

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