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Contemporary Chinese for Beginners (textbook) (French edition)

This series of textbooks is designed for beginners whose native languages are French. Plots, situations, and topics in the textbooks are personalized, interesting, and lively. Moreover, the textbooks have been indigenized for French language to better fulfill the needs of local students. The accompanied audio MP3 covers the texts, new words and supplementary words in the textbook, and vocabulary, sentences and listening exercises in the exercise book.

Price ¥89.00

Chinese Phrase Book (Chinese-English-French)

A trilingual phrase book in Chinese, English, and French, perfect for serving as a survival phrase book or a Chinese beginner’s textbook. 100 of the most useful and easy to learn Chinese phrases tailored for travelers to China. Covers topics ranging from common etiquette and transportation, to sightseeing, shopping and food to help travelers get around China Accompanied by an MP3 to help make learning pronunciation convenient and simple.

Price ¥29.00

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