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Tales from China’s Classic Essential Readings---Tales from the Children's Knowledge Treasury(Chinese-Arabic edition)

"Tales from China’s Classic Essential Readings is a series of four books offering a selection of popular tales from the Three Character Classic, Hundred Family Surnames, Thousand Character Classic, and Children's Knowledge Treasury. The tales are introduced in simple and concise, yet interesting language. Through the books, the readers will become acquainted with Chinese culture and history as well as traditional Chinese thinking, morality, and ethics. This series is suitable for young readers and anyone who would like to know about Chinese history and culture. This series boast the following features:  Concise and lively stories in both Chinese and English to enable readers of different Chinese levels to gain a thorough understanding.  Original classic texts were included with pinyin transcriptions to help readers with pronunciation while enjoying classic Chinese writings.  Each story is accompanied by illustrations in artistic Chinese styles. "

Price ¥89.00

Common Knowledge about Chinese Culture-Arabic edition

Common Knowledge About Chinese Culture, Geography and History is a series of readers for people who would like to know basic elements of China and can be a learning aid for Chinese culture, history and geography. All the contents are bilingual. A brief introduction to Chinese geography, population, climate, agriculture, industry, resources, transportation and tourism.

Price ¥66.00

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