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Contemporary Chinese for Beginners (exercise book)Russian edition

This series of textbooks is designed for beginners whose native languages are English. Plots, situations, and topics in the textbooks are personalized, interesting, and lively. Moreover, the textbooks have been indigenized for English language to better fulfill the needs of local students. The accompanied audio MP3 covers the texts, new words and supplementary words in the textbook, and vocabulary, sentences and listening exercises in the exercise book.

Price ¥59.00

New Approaches to Learning Chinese Series-Intensive Spoken Chinese (oral course)-Russian edition(with MP3)

Includes 40 conversational lessons covering almost all aspects of daily communication. Introduces more than 1,000 commonly used words and 80 essential aspects of Chinese grammar, covering numerous grammatical notes.

Price ¥45.00

New Approaches to Learning Chinese Series-The Most Common Chinese Radicals (writing course)-Russian edition

108 most commonly used Chinese radicals are introduced in this book, sequenced from the simple to the more complicated according to their number of strokes. Each radical is explained by its name, meaning, function, origin, way to write and the number of strokes, and followed by several compound characters sharing the same radical. This book introduces to foreign students the basics of how to write and learn Chinese characters in the most efficient way.

Price ¥27.00

New Approaches to Learning Chinese Series--Rapid Literacy in Chinese (comprehensive course)-Russian edition(with MP3)

Uses 750 commonly used Chinese characters and 1300 words formed from them to make 25 short sentences, 25 conversational dialogues and four narrative prose pieces. Consists of 5 parts: Character Learning, Word Formation, Oral Practice, Character Writing, and Reading.

Price ¥39.00

Contemporary Chinese for Beginners (Character book) Russian edition

Contemporary Chinese for Beginners is a key project published by Sinolingua and fully endorsed and sponsored by Han-ban/Confucius Institute Headquarters. This series has been published in 43 language versions.The 43 language versions have all been modified and translated from the original Contemporary Chinese Series (Chinese-English edition), which is one of the best-selling textbooks of Chinese language for adult learners and is widely adopted by schools in many countries.

Price ¥89.00

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