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Chinese for College Students—Elementary Speaking 1 (Textbook +CD-ROM)(English version)

Chinese for College Students—Elementary Speaking 1 contains 16 lessons. Each lesson is made up by texts, new words, language notes, supplementary dialogue, supplementary vocabulary and exercise. After finishing this book, learners are able to master above 40 terms of daily communication, more than 300 common used words, and the basic grammar of Chinese language. Every lesson requires 4 studying hours. The book is designed for the first term of stage 1.

Price ¥168.00

Newabc Chinese: Succeed in Learning Chinese in 30 days (English version)

Learn Chinese in 30 days and master 3,000 basic Chinese characters! Using high definition video illustrations to immerse you in a native language environment. The “Talking to Myself” section helps you develop language awareness and learn Chinese efficiently. Listening materials and 12 original Chinese songs accompany the book to help learners become more familiar with Chinese culture.

Price ¥89.00

Chinese Phrase Book (Chinese-English-French)

A trilingual phrase book in Chinese, English, and French, perfect for serving as a survival phrase book or a Chinese beginner’s textbook. 100 of the most useful and easy to learn Chinese phrases tailored for travelers to China. Covers topics ranging from common etiquette and transportation, to sightseeing, shopping and food to help travelers get around China Accompanied by an MP3 to help make learning pronunciation convenient and simple.

Price ¥29.00

Chinese 300(Chinese-English)

Chinese 300 is designed for foreign students who engage in short term Chinese studies. This book is one of our bestsellers. This edition offers the most up to date content to better suit the demands of overseas readers. This book features: Expressions for everyday use to enable learners to communicate in many different situations. Ten commonly used sentences in each lesson; lessons are organized in a reader friendly way to facilitate learners’ study. An accompanying MP3 in Putonghua to help leatners’ listening and pronunciation, and build their language awareness. Updated and revised content, which contributes to a well structured quality textbook that will meet students’ needs.

Price ¥42.00

Contemporary Chinese for Beginners (textbook) English edition

This series of textbooks is designed for beginners whose native languages are English. Plots, situations, and topics in the textbooks are personalized, interesting, and lively. Moreover, the textbooks have been indigenized for English language to better fulfill the needs of local students. The accompanied audio MP3 covers the texts, new words and supplementary words in the textbook, and vocabulary, sentences and listening exercises in the exercise book.

Price ¥89.00

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