Chinese Wisdom in Urban Development-A Pictorial Interpretation of the Chinese National Pavilion

  • ISBN: 9787802009370
  • Pub.Date: 2010-10-13
  • Author: Wanxin Guo
  • Category: Others
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Price: ¥66.00
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This book is another creation from the design team of the China National Pavilion, Shanghai World Expo. Pictures, artistic representations and descriptions showcase the grandeur of the China Pavilion of the Shanghai Expo and explore the Chinese wisdom that lays within. The book guides the readers around the China Pavilion, and unveils the themes of the exhibition: urbanization in ancient and contemporary China, the heritage of traditional Chinese wisdom, and the way that that wisdom is manifested today. For those who are going to visit the China Pavilion, this book is a good companion. For those who are interested in Chinese culture and designers who want to know more about exotic and intriguing Chinese elements, this is also the book for you.