Introductory Chinese Chinese Character—Workbook

  • ISBN: 9787513800969
  • Pub.Date: 2012-05-07
  • Author: Du Houwen
  • Category: Introductory Chinese
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Price: ¥59.00
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Introductory Chinese is a series of Chinese teaching textbooks tailored for foreign students who are studying in China. It will help them master the Chinese language basics needed to live and communicate with others in the country, as well as improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities. The whole set is comprised of six books: Listening and Speaking (I, II), Reading Comprehension, Chinese Character Workbook, Listening Comprehension and Listening Comprehension Workbook. This series covers a vocabulary of over 1200 words, 109 grammar points and more than 1200 characters.
Chinese Character Workbook helps students master the Chinese characters found in Listening and Speaking (I, II) through character writing exercises. It contains 44 lessons, and introduces over 1,000 characters. Approximately 100 class hours are required to complete the workbook.
Together, Introductory Chinese and Elementary Course in Scientific Chinese form a set. Those who come to China to study science and engineering should begin with the former and then proceed to the latter.